Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (Botox)

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Our experts provide an array of anti-wrinkle treatments including skin resurfacing, and others that all reduce the appearance of wrinkles revealing a smoother, younger appearance. As we approach our mid-20s, we start developing engraved lines on our skin due to many reasons including repetitive skin folding while making expressions, sun exposure and genetic factors. Sun exposure on its own speeds up collagen and elastin loss which renders the skin weak making it more viable to fracture with expressions and cause those static wrinkles. What we can offer is to delay this process by slightly weakening those strong muscle contractions which cause the skin to fold.

Forehead Lines Anti-wrinkle treatment

Forehead Lines

Anti-wrinkle treatment between eyebrows

Between Eyebrows

Crows Feet Antiwrinkle Treatment

Crow’s Feet

Eyebrow Lift Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Eyebrow Lift

Lip-flip Antiwrinkle Treatment


Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

Excessive Chewing Antiwrinkle Treatment

Excessive Chewing

Excessive Sweating Antiwrinkle Treatment

Excessive Sweating

Male Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Male Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Anti-wrinkle Questions

Your Anti-wrinkle Treatment Questions Answered

Anti-Wrinkle Questions Answered

Your Anti-wrinkle Treatment Questions Answered

How soon after treatment will I see results?

Every individual patient is different, but you should generally start to visualise changes in the first week. Full effects should be achieved within 2-3 weeks.

Are there any downsides or side effects to anti-wrinkle treatment?

The injections are given using very fine needles, therefore minimal to no pain. There may also be a little swelling or bruising immediately after you’ve been treated. This is usually very minor and, in most cases, disappears in 30 minutes. There are no long-term side effects with anti-wrinkle injections as they are temporary.

Can I fly, wear make-up, or go to the gym after having anti-wrinkle injections?

There is very little information known about this matter. It has been reflected that cabin pressure is able to move liquids around. Hence, the reason for swelling after a flight. The worry here would be if Anti-wrinkle was to land in muscles it should not be in leading to side effects such as lid ptosis. To guard against such mishaps, 5 days would be recommended before flying. Again, as with flying, strenuous physical activity may have similar effects which is the relocation of Anti-wrinkle to unintended muscles. We recommend not wearing make-up for 24 hours post-treatment, even after the 24 hours, be gentle when applying on treated areas.

Is there a ‘right’ age for treatment?

Again, each patient is unique with a different skin condition, genetic background and so on. Anti-wrinkle injections are considered suitable for most age groups, provided you are above 18 years of age. As anti-wrinkle injections only work on the muscle underneath the skin, it is recommended to begin your journey before static (engraved) wrinkles appear on your skin’s surface.

How long do results last?

As stated above, every individual patient differs in the longevity of results. Factors such as environmental, smoking, alcohol consumption, excessive physical activity and medical conditions such as an overactive thyroid gland may all play a role in the faster resolution of results. In general, treatment results may last anywhere between 8-20 weeks. We would recommend repetition of treatment every 12-16 weeks to benefit from an enhanced effect.

Antiwrinkle Treatments


1 Area€145
Eyebrow Lift€299
Masseter Muscle (Excessive Clenching & Jaw Slimming)€400
Chin Dimpling Treatment€70
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)€495
Upper Face (Female) – Forehead | In-between eyebrows | Crow’s Feet€250
Upper Face (Male) – Forehead | In-between eyebrows | Crow’s Feet€290
Gummy Smile€180
Add-On Area (E.g. Bunny Lines)€55