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Anti-wrinkle Treatments Botox Limerick

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Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Reduce the appearance of wrinkles

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Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Anti-wrinkle Treatments and Botox Limerick

Radiance Revival with Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Our experts provide an array of anti-wrinkle treatments including skin resurfacing, and others that all reduce the appearance of wrinkles revealing a smoother, younger appearance.

As we approach our mid-20s, we start developing engraved lines on our skin due to many reasons including repetitive skin folding while making expressions, sun exposure and genetic factors. Sun exposure on its own speeds up collagen and elastin loss which renders the skin weak making it more viable to fracture with expressions and cause those static wrinkles. What we can offer is to delay this process by slightly weakening those strong muscle contractions which cause the skin to fold.

Forehead Lines Anti-wrinkle treatment

Forehead Lines

Anti-wrinkle treatment between eyebrows

Between Eyebrows

Crows Feet Antiwrinkle Treatment

Crows Feet

Eyebrow Lift Anti-wrinkle Treatment

Eyebrow Lift

Lip-flip Antiwrinkle Treatment


Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy Smile

Excessive Chewing Antiwrinkle Treatment

Excessive Chewing

Excessive Sweating Antiwrinkle Treatment

Excessive Sweating

Male Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Male Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Noticeable, Natural-Looking Results

This before and after image shows the incredible physical results of one of our patients after Anti-wrinkle treatment.

But what you can’t directly see is the rediscovered confidence, newfound control, and vibrant sense of self that results from a visit to Wasfi Medical Aesthetics in Limerick.

Before Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical After Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical
Before Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical After Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical
Before Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical After Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical
Before Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical After Anti-wrinkle Treatment at Wasfi Medical
Anti-wrinkle FAQs
Every individual patient is different, but you should generally start to visualise changes in the first week. Full effects should be achieved within 2-3 weeks.
There is very little information known about this matter. It has been reflected that cabin pressure is able to move liquids around. Hence, the reason for swelling after a flight. The worry here would be if Anti-wrinkle was to land in muscles it should not be in leading to side effects such as lid ptosis. To guard against such mishaps, 5 days would be recommended before flying. Again, as with flying, strenuous physical activity may have similar effects which is the relocation of Anti-wrinkle to unintended muscles. We recommend not wearing make-up for 24 hours post-treatment, even after the 24 hours, be gentle when applying on treated areas.
The injections are given using very fine needles, therefore minimal to no pain. There may also be a little swelling or bruising immediately after you’ve been treated. This is usually very minor and, in most cases, disappears in 30 minutes. There are no long-term side effects with anti-wrinkle injections as they are temporary.
Again, each patient is unique with a different skin condition, genetic background and so on. Anti-wrinkle injections are considered suitable for most age groups, provided you are above 18 years of age. As anti-wrinkle injections only work on the muscle underneath the skin, it is recommended to begin your journey before static (engraved) wrinkles appear on your skin’s surface.
As stated above, every individual patient differs in the longevity of results. Factors such as environmental, smoking, alcohol consumption, excessive physical activity and medical conditions such as an overactive thyroid gland may all play a role in the faster resolution of results. In general, treatment results may last anywhere between 8-20 weeks. We would recommend repetition of treatment every 12-16 weeks to benefit from an enhanced effect.
Anti-wrinkle Prices
1 Area (Female)€150
1 Area (Male)€180
Eyebrow Lift€350
Masseter Muscle (Excessive Clenching & Jaw Slimming)€450
Chin Dimpling Treatment€90
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)€550
Upper Face (Female) – Forehead | In-between eyebrows | Crow’s Feet€280
Upper Face (Male) – Forehead | In-between eyebrows | Crow’s Feet€320
Gummy Smile€190
Add-On Area (E.g. Bunny Lines)€60

Important Information
A consultation with Dr. Ibrahim Wasfi is compulsory as suitability must be assessed. Combined treatments including Anti-wrinkle, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo, Prescription Skin Treatments and Thread Lifts are available upon consultation with Dr. Ibrahim Wasfi to assess suitability, benefits, aesthetic goals to be achieved and contraindications.

What Our Patients Say

Genuine Google Reviews from Wasfi Medical Aesthetics Patients

Sarah FitzgeraldSarah Fitzgerald
17:52 02 Nov 23
I have experienced amazing results from my first Morpheus treatment with Dr Wasfi, my textured skin and previous scarring has reduced significantly since my first treatment. My makeup looks much smoother and flawless and my skin is glowy and looks plump and rejuvenated, currently at week 3 with best results at 6 weeks post-treatment so I cannot wait to see it then and looking forward to my next session 🙏Amazing service, immaculate clinic with an extremely experienced Doctor behind it all. Can’t recommend this place enough!
Ailin ClancyAilin Clancy
08:59 17 Oct 23
Really enjoyed the treatment from start to finish. Dr Ibrahim is very passionate about providing a professional and safe treatments to his clients. The clinic is immaculately clean. All processes of the treatment and recovery were explained clearly and informatively. The treatment itself was efficient and easeful. I am delighted with the results. 10/10
Sharon McCarthySharon McCarthy
12:12 05 Oct 23
A pleasure as always. I feel extremely comfortable with Dr Wasfi and his explanation of products and procedures is brilliant. He genuinely wants the best natural results for his patients. Looking forward to seeing the results of this treatment over the coming weeks.
Kelsey MoloneyKelsey Moloney
16:05 24 Jul 23
Dr. Ibrahim is truly one of the best practitioners I have been to. Having been to Dr. Ibrahim many times I always feel confident leaving the clinic. He takes time to speak to his patients during the consultation and will always give his honest opinion. The attention to detail is outstanding. The clinic is state of the art and so clean. Staff are very welcoming, overall a great experience and I look forward to returning.
Alison CowparAlison Cowpar
20:15 22 Jul 23
Absolutely wonderful Dr Wasfi is so knowledgeable and pays such attention to the details. It’s a pleasure to go with such faith that you’ll always have great results. I would highly recommend him to anyone
Jennifer DillonJennifer Dillon
19:04 11 Jul 23
He is brilliant at what he does explains everything in detail listens to what you want and gives best advice would highly recommend Dr Ibraham his clinic is very welcoming and spotless clean
Catherine GarrihyCatherine Garrihy
17:39 04 Jul 23
Dr Ibrahim was extremely informative both about my appointment and all areas aesthetics. My appointment wasn’t rushed and I will be back for my anti wrinkle and other treatments. Beautiful clinic and Aisling at reception is fabulous. An all around great experience. I will be sending all my clients his way!
Denise McnamaraDenise Mcnamara
16:36 13 Jun 23
Professional service as always. Doctor Ibrahim is great to advise ,&to talk you through which treatment is best for you.Absolutely love going here .x
Michelle GleesonMichelle Gleeson
12:02 05 May 23
Such a fab clinic. Very impressed from the minute I walked in the door. Extremely private and really nice relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Ibrahim took he's time and explained everything in detail to me. It was my first time having profilo and have my next session booked. Looking forward to it.
Geraldine NaughtonGeraldine Naughton
16:19 18 Apr 23
I've been a client of Dr Ibrahim since August 2019. I went initially for a problem with the alignment of my eyebrows, one was considerably higher than the other. He treated it with Botox and the result was amazing. I have continued with this treatment every 4/5 months or so since. Now I'm considering other treatments, I'm 55 and noticing volume loss. I have no hesitation in recommending his services, and he presents a wonderful modern welcoming clinic.