Your Lead Doctor

Dr Ibrahim Wasfi Limerick

Your Lead Doctor, Ibrahim Wasfi

Dr. Ibrahim Wasfi, renowned, well known amongst his patients is our main physician. He has been fully registered as a medical practitioner with the Irish Medical Council since 2015. Graduating medical school in 2010, he went on to pursue higher studies and training in his field. When it comes to his current role, he is a full-time Aesthetic Medicine practitioner. Dr Ibrahim Wasfi has completed his training with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. He is known to be extremely honest during consultations, has a true passion in this field and possesses a keen aesthetic eye that has enabled him to perform over 5000 successful procedures to date. The holistic approach to patients’ requirements makes his tailored treatment plans unique. He is very determined about patient satisfaction and always strives to ensure perfection when delivering results.

His driving factor in setting up Wasfi Medical Aesthetics was ensuring that the right approach was taken when it came to the practice, application and development of aesthetic medicine. This field of medicine has tremendously evolved and leapt to new heights where treatment involves addressing different issues that may appear as a single issue, when in fact, there are multiple underlying factors leading to it. As well as being meticulous in treatment and patient care, the provision of high standards of care, science-based and leading treatments is our base.

A patient coming in for a consultation with concerns about their appearance must be thoroughly heard, consulted, advised and treatment options discussed.

In today’s ever-changing world and with the stresses that it causes us, one can not underestimate the huge confidence boost such treatments provide us with, not to mention that making sure your skin is always healthy is also a necessity. It is therefore vital that you are always keen on choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner.